Backing disruptive companies at the threshold of transformative growth

Diamond Star Venture

When is the right time to reach out?

It is never too early to start a conversation. We most commonly talk to founders as they’re starting their pre-seed or seed fundraising process.

What is your typical investment process?

Our team strives to meet founders where they are in their fundraising process. Our goal is to provide prompt feedback, and we move as quickly as possible to give a decisive answer.

What do you look for in founders?

We invest in founders who share our values and personify their products. We look for passionate leaders who are playing the long game and lead by example.

How do you help companies within your portfolio?

We are known for providing value at critical moments within a company’s life cycle. We call this the Inflection Point Approach. From ideation to growth, we most commonly help during fundraising/financing, corporate development/M&A, and business development. Because of our long investment history and unique position within the larger tech ecosystem, we have developed an unparalleled network of partners, advisors, and friends with deep experience in every aspect of a company’s growth. At key moments, we are able to leverage these connections for our founders, whether it be strategic advice or help finding a highly specialized doctor for a loved one. We recognize the human element behind each company and aim to provide full-spectrum support for the company’s success.

What does it mean to be investing internal capital?

Investing internal capital means we have a very flexible mandate and have the ability to spend more time with founders and less time with LPs.